About us

Portage Lakes Cruises is a pontoon charter service, designed to give people access to ‘The Lakes’.  It is ideal for visitors as well as residents who don’t wish to deal with personal boat ownership but still want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.

Renting a pontoon boat is fine for those who know the boating regulations and can navigate the lakes and channels.  Pontoon boat charter is for those  who want to be part of their group and not just their driver.

Come see the Portage Lakes the way the locals do.  Enjoy the beautiful homes, landscaping, golf course property, and wildlife – both animal and human!   Let us provide the refreshments – from chips and ice water to full-blown dinner aboard the boat, or choose from the wide variety of local restaurants and eateries along the lake shore.  Box lunches are available, as are pizza, Barberton chicken, or any number of other eat-while-you-cruise options.   Experience life after dark on the water, or come out first thing in the morning before the people are stirring and while the day is cool and quiet.

Passengers with special needs find our wide docks and boats with open floor plans easy to maneuver, and our staff experienced in assisting with transfer and boarding issues.  If you need inspiration to help plan an excursion, please call 330-760-0270.

Travel in style, be part of your group,  and enjoy the trip.